The waiting game.


You can learn so much about yourself in times such as these. Many times I have waited for something that never even happened but I found so much about myself in the process. Sometimes we wait for things we want and have to achieve them on our own. With that comes success and we learn that if we work hard we can touch the sky by just waiting for the results. Sometimes when it comes to people in our lives, we learn that we should never wait on someone who is truly half way out the door… we learn that we deserve better. While waiting I learned my patience should have never been tested in something that I wanted so badly which in turn made made me realize that I really would no longer wait. Everything happens for a reason.

3 thoughts on “The waiting game.

  1. Hi there. Stumbled upon your blog. This post speaks to me! Was recently waiting for someone and realized that there was no need. One shouldn’t have to sacrifice one’s happiness or change just to make other people happy. There’s someone out there who loves all of you.

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