Summer in March.


Last night I attended a birthday party at my brother in laws friends house. He has an indoor pool which was really cool. Of course, I got blackout drunk and am paying for it this morning. The only pictures I have to share are of me looking up, away, down or just actually dead. The ones I posted are the ones that turned out best which goes to show how messy I was hahaha sometimes I forget that I’m in my mid twenties and truly act high school white girl wasted. Anyway, I had a good time for how random the crowd was (truly, I was the only random, everyone else knew eachother lol) I’ve done Christmas in July (hosted by my friends and I as far as ten years ago) but I can’t begin to understand a pool party in March. I mean, are people physically and mentally prepared to be in a bathingsuit in the winter season? I can’t say that I’m ever ready for that dreadful time of year because I’ve struggled with my body since I could remember hahaha but that’s a whole different topic. Anyway there was some swimmers and everyone had a good time.

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