Oscars 2014. When you’re too emotionally involved.






The Oscars are flat out the most boring awards shows ever. However, I can’t create a blog and ignore their existence. I’ll just sum up what the most exciting parts were for me. Best dressed, exciting moments, if Leo won, How I felt when he won, why he didn’t win, and what I’ll do with my built up emotions if he didn’t win.

Let’s address the most important. Best dressed. My Best dressed picks for tonight are Maria Menounos in Johanna Johnson,Cate Blanchett in Armani, Charlize Theron in Dior and last but absolutely not least, Kate Hudson in Versace. So beautiful and elegant. Exactly what I wanted and expected for the oscars. I can’t give enough praise to Kate Hudson for being best dressed in a time where she was only a presenter. Way to steal the show! Love it.

Margot Robbie in YSL.
I don’t know how to feel. She’s the most gorgeous blonde on planet earth and she goes and colours her hair brown. Very gothic like. She looks great but this is a prime example of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” haha I hope she makes her next appearance as a blonde, I’m not having any of this.

Lupita Nyong’o wins best supporting actress. She also wins the heart of everyone who watches her acceptance speech, emotion at it’s best. I cried as if I won. Her beauty shines. This is why they say good things happen to good people. Congrats to her. I should also mention that she was dressed like a Goddess, pure class and elegance.

At one point the hilarious host EllenĀ Degeneres takes a group selfie and hopes to be the number one retweeted picture in twitter history and she succeeds. Within minutes she receives 115 000 retweets, so much that it crashes her twitter page. So many famous faces in one photo, a true testament to what the Oscars all about.

For me, the most anticipated moment was to see if Leonardo finally got the recognition he so deserved. I mean, if he doesn’t win… Then like, what’s really the point ? He is hands down the most talented actor of our time. It actually annoys me so much that he has been snubbed so many times when every movie he has touched has turned into gold. I’m writing this as I’m patiently waiting ……in 15 minutes time I will know if my fake boyfriend is going to win his first Oscar…….

Yes just as this post has been leading to Leo’s win, so has the Oscars. What a let down. I feel all different emotions that I can’t really begin to explain nor express. Matthew gave an incredible speech and if Leo couldn’t take it then Matthew deserved it. I just don’t get it, how many times is the academy going to look the other way from this mans talent. Titanic, What’s eating Gilbert grape, Shutter island, Inception, Great Gatsby, The Wolf of Wall Street … . and still …nothing ? I won’t be a sore loser, congratulations to Matthew. If this has taught us anything, Leo will get back to work and come out with even better delivery than his last.

On that note, I will say to Leo (who will never see this) what Lapita concluded with and that is a message to people everywhere: “No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.” Our dreams Leo, the one that involve you winning and thanking the love of your life, me. Hahaha But for reals, I’ll put myself aside on this one and wait until 2015. Can’t wait to hear your acceptance speech xo

Ps. Incase you’re wondering. That’s a picture of Leo and I in my dreams hahaha

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