Quality vs Quantity.


My circle is small. Smaller than small. It hasn’t always been that way but with time and wisdom I have learned who I need in my life and who will not do me any good. I came to a point where I began to ask myself “is this person helping me or hurting me?” It goes without saying that the ones who help me are the ones I will go above and beyond for. Those people will not escape me because there is nothing I would stop at to have them in my life. I benefit from them in ways that I could never put into words. I do all that I can for them because I am confident and certain that they do the same for me. The ones who have hurt me have come and they have gone. Some by choice and some by force. I can’t say it happened just once or even twice … This has recurred in my life every other year until about the time I was in my early twenties. Sometimes their fault, sometime my own. I truly hold no hate in my heart; I sometimes think I get over things too easily. I also learned from past friends that not everyone is like that. I’m a sceptic. There are still areas in my life, relationships to be more specific, that I wonder about everyday. I often find that I have easy fixes and instant happiness by running away to “fools paradise” The people who join me are always the ones who are only there for my highs. We go there together to avoid our problems. Learning to let go is no longer the issue, it’s finding it within us to discuss the problems that we always escape. Acknowledging the issues instead of brushing them off. In conclusion .. If anything, I have learned so many things from friends in the past… Though they are no longer in my life.. I have learned great life lessons … the most important, quality vs quantity. Always 4 quarters over 100 pennies. Always.

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