Flash back Friday – London, England.

I recently went to London, England and I cannot put into words how much I fell in love with this city. I did a Euro trip but I will try to document one city and country at a time because one blog entry for all 7 countries would not be enough.

The moment I stepped off the airplane I could literally not contain myself. I contemplated taking the tube into town from Heathrow but decided  I’d hail a driver instead because I feared I’d get lost and I only had four days there. As we drove into the city, I learned so many different things about London that I didn’t know from the driver who was kind enough to educate me. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a to do list made before I got there, but he sure gave me a couple things to add on. I was beat, but I knew I had zero time to sleep. The time difference of 5 hours was killing me but I knew I’d regret it if I slept. I quickly checked in, got myself half decent and was out the door.

First stop – The London Eye.
I loved it soo much. I hopped on the ride and took in all that was coming to me. The idea of seeing the side of the world I always wondered about. The views. The fact that it knew I had 6 other countries I was going to see. I sat and I soaked up all the good around me. How blessed I felt and how glad I was to do this.


I had no time to waste! I jumped on the tube and made my way over to Oxford Circus. It was even better than the pictures on google images lol. I walked up and down the streets, roamed in and out of stores. I stopped at a few places to catch wifi and to Instagram, obviously. I purchased a few things and again, was continuously amazed by where I was. I caught this picture as I walked down Oxford. The beauty. I ended up at a restaurant a friend told me about called “Sketch”. It was amazing ! 4 different rooms with art. Art everywhere. Cool pictures. Different sized chairs. Big forks, little forks. More art. I was loving all of it. I ordered a London must, fish and chips. I treated myself to a glass of wine and macaroons.



The next morning I purchased a ticket for a two day hop on hop off tour and did the very touristy things. Big Ben, Beckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, London eye (again) and of course, the famous Harrods. My day was nothing short of perfect.





It was surreal. Seriously, I was so beat from everything I did but for once I found that I didn’t need to associate drinking with a vacation. I toured, I saw, I fell in love with this place. The next morning I went to Hyde Park. It was so pretty. I followed my afternoon with lunch at a place called “bubble dogs” which was (rightfully so) none other than champagne and hot dogs. I’m not a fan of either of the two, but in this rare case, I loved it. A few people told me about Covent Garden so I lurked around there and watched a few magic shows happening in the middle of the outdoor mall. Later that night, I went to Piccadilly Circus. I hate to sound repetitive but again it was beautiful. I did my souvenir shopping for my friends and family and then headed over to Soho. I had a couple of drinks and made some new friends. Time passed quickly, I had made some friends I knew I would see again.






The following day was a sad day for me. I knew my trip was coming to an end and I didn’t know the next time I’d be back. I text my new friends from the night before and we met for “high tea” (talk about royalty). I thought about how beautiful it would be to live this everyday. To meet fresh new faces and hear interesting stories. To have overpriced tea just because and obsess over every bite of macaroon or scone that we had.


I was very sad to leave but I was happy to leave on a high note. All in all, London was all that I imagined it to be. The people were warm and welcoming, the city was rich in all the ways that you’d think. The food was fantastic; the detail to everything. Only now do I understand why the most well known Princes and Princesses come from England. I lived a fairytale few days (minus the prince) and I can’t wait to go back! Thank you London, you opened my eyes to a whole new world.

4 thoughts on “Flash back Friday – London, England.

  1. I live in London, to hear it through your words makes me want to make friends with someone just passing through just to experience it through their eyes. It’s so weird to think I take for granted because I live here! MMM food for thought. Just the other day the weather was so beautiful I thought about getting a tour bus round London to see the sights tourists do and try something different. I think I will once I’m no longer heavily pregnant lol. Great post x

    • You are so lucky! I had such a great time. You have not only a beautiful city but the people went above and beyond to help me with everything that I needed. I’m from Canada and everyone says we are very polite so it’s hard to compare but out of all the places that I visited London had the nicest and sweetest people ! I LOVED my hop off hop on tour and I’ll do it again when I come back! šŸ™‚ congrats on the new bundle of joy that you are bringing into this world! xx

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