Monday blues do not exist.

I do not remember Runyon Canyon being this hard!

Today, we went for lunch at a cute French spot on Santa Monica Blvd before heading off to Runyon for a hike. It was the perfect day; sunny but with a slight breeze once you were up in the hills. I’m pretty sure the multiple dogs we saw there were putting all of us humans to shame, as they effortlessly climbed hills that can make even the strongest athlete break a sweat.

My friend Julia is a yogi, so I decided to test my photography skills. The picture came out perfect!






On the walk back to our condo, we ran into the Entourage cast. They were filming the new movie and again, using my photography skills, I was able to snap this shot! Super excited. I had every guy friend texting me about it haha



So far, today has been great. I love this city. Los Angeles never does me wrong. Hope your Monday has been as good as mine! xx

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