Tainted Tuesday.

Where to begin? Yesterday was an absolute blur. Started the day off with what was supposed to be a drink and turned out to be nothing but vodka for breakfast. My friend Julia and I left the condo and someway, somehow we ended up in a strangers car. You’d think we’d know better right? No. We are shameless. The guy drove us over to Hollywood and Highland, which is literally a 90 second walk from where we are staying lol. We took our touristy pictures we always take even though we’ve been here many, many times. Every time I’m in LA, I make it a point to get a picture of me with George Clooney’s footprints at the Chinese theatre and my feet with the Stella Adeler star of fame in which I cover her last name to make believe it’s my own (obviously not true hahaha) mainly because one day I’d like to frame them all and hang them. Jules is obsessed with Marilyn Monroe (still not understanding why) so she takes a picture with her.




Afterwards, we stumbled down to a bar style restaurant that we always go to here on Hollywood Blvd called “Te’kila”. It was taco Tuesday, so with
every purchased drink, a 1 dollar taco accompanies it. I had two drinks even though I really did not need them. Awful, they tasted so.. so… so bad. I am adding a picture from Julia’s Instagram that I have stolen haha


On the way home we stopped by the mall next to our stay which is the Hollywood and Highland centre. We went “blackout shopping” as we like to refer to it as. It’s when you’re so drunk that you don’t remember what you purchase until you wake up next to your bag of new items. I decided I needed 4 pairs of sunglasses and 4 random shirts. I also decided I’d buy Julia a hat and my other girlfriend sunglasses.

Later that night my girlfriend April (that I met in Europe) came to our place for some drinks and then we went back to Pink Taco. She’s super sweet and very fun. Sometimes you meet people and you just get eachother. She is one of those people! A friendship I know I’ll always have here in Los Angeles.



Apparently, Julia and I have a thing for Mexican in California. We’ve been here for three days and the only cuisine we’ve really craved is Mexican. They wouldn’t serve us alcohol because we didn’t have our passports on us. Such a buzzkill! As we were walking in I noticed a couple of the Bachelor contestants and like a true diehard fan I felt a little star struck. I’ve run into celebrities before but for some reason this felt like a bigger deal. I mean, we just went through a break up together lol we approached Clare And “Free spirit” girl (still don’t know her name) and we got to talking. It’s funny how a show can portray someone in such a negative light and once you meet them your whole perspective on them changes. Clare was my least favourite on the show and an absolute gem in person. Shamelessly, I asked for a picture. I was already past the point of embarrassing myself so I figured why not have proof for our run in.



Quickly we used Uber (an American app I am so fascinated with… Car service cheaper than a cab) and we headed over to Hemingways on Hollywood Blvd for a few rounds of drinks with a friend who we met in Cabo from Australia who now resides in Los Angeles (weird right?) It didn’t take long for me to call it a night. A whole day of drinking ended with me rushing to leave because I could not keep all the alcohol I had consumed inside. My night ended with a snuggle with the toilet. I think I’ll take it easy on the liquor today… And start all over again tonight! xx

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