Wicked Wednesday.

Yesterday we started our day at the Ivy on Robertson blvd. It is impossible to go wrong at this place. The food is fantastic, the service is great but more so the ambience is on point. We decided to grab a few apps and drinks and split them. Julia is a vegetarian so I agreed to be meat free for the lunch. It was very easy to do so at a restaurant like this because the menu is suited for all foodies.


Once we wrapped up lunch, we headed over to Kitson and did a little lurking. I couldn’t find anything I really loved for the prices I wanted so we decided to ditch and walk to the Beverly Centre. Just our luck, the first store we spot is again, Kitson. We decided to go and see if this location was any better. To our surprise, it was not only bigger but the staff was way friendlier and more helpful. I couldn’t justify spending money on things I didn’t want so I went over to the baby Kitson section. Sooooo cute ! My older sister and her husband are expecting a baby this July so I wanted to see if I could find anything for this new blessing in my life. It’s difficult to shop for a baby when you don’t know the gender. Everything was either pink or blue, eff me right ? I found the cutest little ray bans that were both gender neutral and absolutely adorable so I decided I’d buy this little bundle of joy it’s very first pair of sunglasses. The lady was kind enough to wrap them for me and I can’t wait to give them to my sister and brother in law.


We were beat so we decided to continue the rest of the afternoon by lounging at our pool with a couple of friends. Afterwards we came back to the condo and took our well deserved nap. Such a diva right ? A well deserved nap after a gorgeous day of eating and shopping lol. We got up a couple hours later and got dressed for Sur Restaurant and Bar. We really wanted to try this place because we are fans of both Lisa Vanderpump and her tv shoes. We’ve gone to Villa Blanca in this past and had great experiences there so we decided to give her other restaurant a try. We were grateful that we did. The food was delicious, the drinks were made for taste that you almost forgot that there was vodka in them. The place was so gorgeous and even prettier in person than on tv. We saw a few staff members from Vanderpump Rules but nobody left an impression on us like the co owner Guillermo. He was so sweet, kind and attentive to all of our needs. Julia and him hit it off, he welcomed us all back on Friday where we would get a chance to see Lisa. We will take him up on that. We were there until about midnight and decided we were too tired to go to a bar. The night ended with a glass of wine and a balcony view of drunk people watching. Let’s see what today brings us….





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