Fashion Friday.

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling so well (from all the excessive drinking) so I wanted to take it easy during the day. My friend and I walked over to the hollywood and highland mall and had a bite to eat at an Italian place called “Trastevere” the food was much tastier than I thought. We sat in the outdoor mall which felt like lunch with a view even though it was just a bunch of stores.


We got home at around 6 and started our evening nice and early. We had a fashion show to attend so we had to get dressed quick time. We arrived at around 8 and ordered a few drinks while waiting for the show to begin. It was so beautiful in there, the music was a perfect Match to the decor. The show featured collections by House of Devali, Jing Couture, Datari Austin and more. The show was very glamorous and exciting. Choreographed by celebrity choreographer Michael Silas. There were dancers and acrobatics to add to the excitement. The quality of the pictures aren’t the best because I was more focused on taking videos.








After the show, Julia and I were both exhausted. We had planned to go to Sur but we were beat from
a week of drinking and partying. I think we have finally realized that we can’t go out like we used to when we were 19 or 20. As we walked in the lobby of our condo, we laughed at the fact that the people were all so excited to hit the bars and we were equally excited to hit our head against the pillow. Hollywood, it’s been real.. We are heading over to Santa Monica and Venice today! xx

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One thought on “Fashion Friday.

  1. Your images are so nice, you have an eye for taking amazing pics, you should consider photography!

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