Sunrise & Sunset. Saturday & Sunday.

That last two days have been extremely busy. Julia and I went to Venice & Santa Monica beaches to get away from Hollywood. We spent our days at the beach and on patios drinking and eating. We made a lot of new friends who showed us places of Los Angeles we’ve never had the pleasure of seeing in all the times that we’ve been there. On Saturday, everyone celebrated St Patricks Day. My ignorant self thought only Irish and Canadian people did that hahaha so Julia and I were probably the only people in the pub who were wearing bright colours not including green. We went to a couple of restaurants, one for happy hour called “Areal”. You could instantly tell that it’s a local favourite. Afterwards, we all went to Venice Beach to watch the sunset. No matter how many times we’ve seen it, we always want to go and see it again.



On our way back, we saw a sign that read “10 dollar palm reading” so of course, Julia and I didn’t miss this opportunity. The lady who was reading our palms looked exactly how you’d expect a psychic to look. Long stringy hair, loose clothing with a lot of maroon and gold.. Thin broken nails… The whole thing. It really added to the effect. She was so good. I mean, she was dead on with everything she told us. Our friendships, our relationships (or lack thereof) our futures (we hope) and of course our health. She said so much and we believed her. In past situations such as these, I’ve always tried to relate myself to the readings but this time I felt she knew everything about me so much that I almost feared how someone can read me like an open book. It was borderline freaky. Anyway, she told me a few things I needed to hear and that’ll definitely come in use for future decisions. We got back to the house and one of our friends volunteered to cook for us and we were happy to accept. We then all head over to a roof top patio called “high rooftop” and enjoyed the view and the beautiful weather. A sight that looks better in person that it will ever look in any picture.



On Sunday, we woke up nice and early and went for a walk along the boardwalk. I always love doing that walk because of all the culture that’s on Venice Beach. They have the most amazing art, so underpriced. They have the best patios to sit on and people watch. Julia and I found a few pieces and purchased them. We went to a place called “The Ale House” and sat on the patio to enjoy the weather. We were feeling a little sad because we knew it was going to be our last meal in Venice until our next trip back here.









2 thoughts on “Sunrise & Sunset. Saturday & Sunday.

  1. This is a nice collection of snaps. I hope Harry Perry played his famous riffs for you…of course for a small fee. HA! Thank you for sharing this.

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