My whole life, I’ve always had a difficult time accepting myself for all that I am. Even in times that I have overcome certain flaws, I still allowed them to remain insecurities. Being a female who has always been confident with my personality, I always let that be the front runner of who I was. I have always had a hard time accepting compliments and even when I do, I never really believe them. This is the truest statement I have read in a while. I always held my tongue with people who weren’t close enough to me to care about hurting me because I felt they’d use my insecurities against me. As I’ve gotten older, I have also noticed that if I point my own problems out, it’ll be harder for people to throw them in my face. I can’t say I’m an angel, but I would never take someone’s insecurities and hurt them with those. Maybe because I know how it feels, but more so because no matter what anyone has done to me, I truly wouldn’t want to confirm the flaw they they think they have that may not even be true. At the end of the day, we all have those issues that make us a little self conscious; we’re only human. I have decided though, that instead of being caged in by our fears or insecurities, maybe we should let that be the driving force to better ourselves and set us free.

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  1. So true. I believe being flawed is being human, and one should use those insecurities as tools against that hideous self-destruction-low-self-esteem demon.

    It’s not about feeling ‘perfect’ but feeling better.

  2. Brilliant piece as a guy i have felt that way too. I have learnt that being open about your flaws is actually a good way of breeding true confidence and happiness.

    • Thank you mdubrian! It took me a long time to think that way.. But it’s made things easier for me. I’ve learned so much about myself ☺️

    • No1 is perfect and everyone has insecurities, once you accept them and learn to live with them, it just makes thinking and choices more clear.

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