Spring.. I’ve been waiting for you!



Spring is here! If you close your eyes, you can almost imagine how pretty our sights soon will be. It’s a burst of flowers, animals and sunshine; the days are starting to get longer and the weather is finally on our side.

It’s supposed to be equal day and night, which gets those of us who sometimes deal with winter blues in better spirits! I love spring, even more than I love summer. Maybe because my birthday is in spring or maybe because the weather is exactly what I love it to be.. not too cool and not too warm. I absolutely adore spring clothes. Floral, pastels, thin sweaters, lighter foot wear… Perfect for both comfort and style. I have so much love for Canadian weather and having all four seasons but I feel when spring comes around everyone is so done with the snow and icy roads that it feels good know the outdoors is getting nothing but better.

Spring is also traditionally known as the season of rebirth. Old, wilted flowers have died and new ones are planted in their places. Spring cleaning often takes place, usually in our homes, but also sometimes in our lives. The feeling of spring causes us all to feel as if we have a fresh start; maybe a new outlook in life, a different relationship or job, or even simply putting away the winter boots and breaking out the flats! Whatever the reason is, we all feel as if a dreary season has ended, and a new, fresher one has began.

I don’t know what this means to you, but whatever this season brings.. I hope the longer days give you more time to see and explore how beautiful this world is!

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