Flashback Friday: Amsterdam, Netherlands.


In a previous post I talked about my European get away and explained that one post alone wouldn’t be enough to share my experience with you. Today’s post will be on my second destination…Amsterdam, Netherlands. I was only there for a couple of days but I saw what I needed to see.

Amsterdam was exactly what I knew it would be. It was educational, both amazing and disappointing, eye-opening, cultural, beautiful and very raw and real. My priority was to experience the Dutch way of living while visiting the Red Light District like any other ignorant tourist who gets to Amsterdam for one reason, to party.

To date, I have never been anywhere with such an open mind mentality. Everyone has their own way of making a living and you are more frowned upon if you look down on some people’s career choices than you are if you actually go down that path. The red light district is only for those of an open mind, do not go if you plan to be judgemental or negative. These girls work hard and even though it isn’t a life I encourage, I have admiration for how proud they are of their decisions and God given beauty.

We started our Amsterdam trip by heading down to a “booze cruise” with myself and 30 other people. It was so much fun and somewhat
educational. We cruised past many floating houses and had some knowledge on the cost of living would be. I couldn’t believe how expensive it was to live in a floating home.


We all got very intoxicated (with the help of my drinking game) and headed over to the red light district. Let me tell you, EYE OPENING!! I know, I shouldn’t have been shocked but for some reason I was. I couldn’t believe how not only accepted but encouraged these people were. We started off at a sex show at the “Theatre Casa Rosso” which was exactly what it promised it would be, a sex show. For anyone who knows me… I’m not usually open minded enough to attend something like this. I get uncomfortable and don’t want to see it/hear about it. But, I figured since I was in RLD I’d go. At the door we were greeted with 2 drink tickets and a penis lollipop for the females and breast lollipop for the males. I knew right then and there, things would get super interesting. The group that I was with was funny and everyone had a good laugh. The show was in no way educational since all it was was people literally going at it on stage. First a woman with some toys, then a woman and a man. Then a couple females with a male and then they pulled audience members up on stage. I knew 100% that I would never go up there and luckily I was sitting in the corner on the last row. A few of my friends got pulled up, some loved it and others found it revolting. For a place so free spirited, you would never guess how uptight they with their privacy. I pulled out my phone to check the time and almost got kicked out lol anyway, the show ran about an hour and then a large group of us went and lurked a few bars in the area. I personally have never been into any drugs but I knew it was legal to smoke pot there. However, what I didn’t know was that so many people did shrooms (I think that’s the proper way to say it?) so openly. When I say open minded, I mean… anything goes in a place like that. Some people got into that, I got super drunk and left with a group of 10 to another area in Amsterdam. A lot of fun, everyone got super messy but when 4 am rolled around all I wanted was a bed.





The next morning, we were all paying for it. Visibly and mentally. I couldn’t see straight and I was hoping nobody else could either seeing as how much of a mess I looked and felt like. This day was devoted to a completely different side of Amsterdam. We wanted to do more sight seeing but one thing that stood out to me most was our visit to the Ann Frank Haus. We got there and lined up to purchase our entrance. To say this was devastating would be the biggest understatement. I always knew the story of Ann Frank but to actually be there and feel it was something else. I know they teach us in school how to treat others but nothing could have been more of a reminder that nothing good comes from being prejudice and discriminating like being there. Truthfully, I was a little bit annoyed by the way her story was treated… Like some kind of marketing team went in there and tried to take away from the realness of it all to make money. I understand that it’s someone’s job to sell in there but sometimes things need to be kept sacred. Anyway, I tried to focus on what I saw and heard in there and I succeeded. It sounds dramatic but I truly left there with a different view with more love and respect for not only the Jewish community but for anyone who has ever felt that kind of pain. It breaks my heart that even after our world has been through that, there are still people suffering.

If I could I would write about my whole Amsterdam experience but that would take a lot more time. I have to say, I went there looking forward to the hype that comes with Amsterdam and I left loving it for a completely different reason. Did I like the Red Light District? Yes, it was fun and eye opening. It was also a little disappointing in the nightlife aspect only because it isn’t my kind of party. Would I go back to Amsterdam for that reason? Probably not. I had much appreciation for that place for all the reasons I never knew would highlight my interest. Maybe it was the laid back atmosphere or the fact that 80% of people literally rode bikes as a way of transportation … But maybe it was because I left there learning a little bit more about myself as a person. I’ve always felt I was a compassionate person but my eyes opened and my heart felt things I never knew how to feel before. I never thought the emotions I felt learning more about Ann Frank could be met until I got to Germany. I’ll save that for my next post.

Thank you Amsterdam, I’m glad I got to experience you. A place I will never forget! xx







One thought on “Flashback Friday: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

  1. Interesting post! I don’t think I’d go to those type of shows, but it sounds like you did learn something from it; you’d never go on stage at such shows, haha. I’m looking forward to reading about your visit to Anne Frank’s house!

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