Throw back Thursday – Sankt Goar, Germany.



Magical. Germany was nothing like I expected it to be but everything that I hoped. We went to Sankt Goar as a little stop over between Amsterdam and Munich and I’m so glad that we did. As soon as we drove down the valley, we noticed castles everywhere. For anyone who has watched Ever After, you’ll know what I mean when I say it looks like a scene from that movie. Green everywhere; the castles were surrounded by so many trees. We were warned our hotel was tiny and to pack an overnight bag because it would be difficult to carry our luggages up the stairs. It was the cutest little family run hotel. I love the feeling of home and I definitely got that with this place. Here is a picture of my view outside my bedroom.


Upon check in we decided to drop off our bags and go straight to dinner but I was still feeling like a mess from Amsterdam, so I just wanted a slow night to prep for Munich. A large group of my friends went and did some wine tasting but I opted out. I had planned to sleep but my friends were having none of that. As soon as they got back to the hotel, I was rudely woken from my slumber to go and drink. I figured since I’m on vacation, I should go enjoy my time with everyone and sleep once I’m home and I did just that ! The bar in our hotel was cute and cozy. I’m not really sure what happened but somehow we took on a “shot challenge” that was somewhere around 2300 shots for the night. I absolutely knew that there was no way, no how, that we could have beat this but everyone was so into it and we figured we’d have an excuse to get belligerent and that we did. At midnight the hotel manager kicked us out and basically told us to go to bed. Nobody was complaining. We were drunk and ready to take on Munich the following day.

In the morning, we went to visit the the Cuckoo-Clock centre which had the world’s largest woodenly Cuckoo clock (I didn’t care but apparently it’s a bigger deal than I thought). We watched how steins were made and had an opportunity to purchase some at a great rate. Obviously, I didn’t get one because I don’t drink beer and I don’t care about steins lol. Sankt Goar was a quaint little village with cute shops and friendly people but I was ready for the real deal. Our next stop on memory lane will be one of my fav spots, Munich!



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