Baby Shower Season.

On Sunday, my girlfriend Sara threw her sister the most gorgeous baby shower. Everything was so beautiful and couldn’t have gone better. In a couple of months my sister-in-laws (I think that’s what it would make us) will be throwing my older sister Sandi a baby shower for her first born… This was so helpful. I didn’t realize how many little details counted in creating the perfect event. Sara’s shower for Summer was a great reminder of all the little things that paint the big picture. We were greeted with “MOMosas” and dessert for days. A fun little addition was to bring a baby book instead of a card so that the mother and father can read to the baby with their great collection…I of course took advantage of this idea and got her the book called “read me a story, Stella” since I’m a little bit of a name narcissist. The food was so delicious and the games were tasteful and eventful. To my luck, my table (with my girlfriends) was next to the bar (as it usually is) and let’s just say we took Sunday funday to a whole new level. We started with wine and ended up with vodka shots lol. Between the shots, I was drinking champagne from the bottle (from what I can recall). I am so excited to throw a shower for my very deserving sister and it was awesome to get so many fun ideas from Summer and baby Houlios. Summer and AnDreas are going to be such great parents to the beautiful baby I know they will have. I have attached photos of everything ! I also will add a picture of my sister Sandi and her best friend Summer who are both pregnant with their first child at the same time.. What a beautiful and blessed life! xx










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