Bipolar weather, get a life.

Here in Canada, our emotions are being played with on more levels than one. Just the other night, I was at my friend Jacyntha’s house with a few of our friends and her boyfriend’s buddies. We had sangria and a nice cute BBQ sitting in their very adorable sun room (with twinkling lights). Unfortunately, today it was back to winter coats and a craving of comfort soup. I literally can not keep up with this ! It is April for God sake! My birthday is in two weeks and I refuse to accept this kind of behaviour from Mother Nature (silly bitch). Since I was preoccupied with this mind fuck that we call weather (pardon my language) I had a very unproductive day. I love Canada, but not on days like this. I hope spring steps it’s game up or it’ll continue to make me the grump that I so visibly am today. Here are some photos from the BBQ… Back to the better days. xx

Ps. Incase you’re wondering, the lettuce is a “grilled Caesar salad” that I had for the first time. Delicious. 20140415-232356.jpg




And … This is what the weather looks like for those who aren’t from here and just DONT GET IT. Zero sense is being made. Is this real life?


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