Birthday Celebration part1

Tonight my family celebrated my mothers birthday. We pretend it’s my birthday too but that’s because we don’t like having two back to back birthdays for everyone to attend. My moms birthday is the 25th and my birthday is the 28th and since my mother is leaving for a vacation we celebrated a little early. It was a small gathering but you’d never guess by the amount of food we had! I love my family and friends so much, I sometimes forget how lucky I am. Today when I took a look around at all of us laughing and talking it made me realize that no matter where I could be in the world I would never ever want to be too far away. I received amazing gifts but my friends boyfriend (who I actually consider a great friend of mine) got me a gift I’ve been meaning to buy but always forgot to. Nothing makes me happier than a thoughtful gift and when I opened this I actually had to hold myself back from my dramatic reaction. I guess it’s funny because you know you’re really old when your favourite gifts are kitchen appliances! I have literally been talking getting one for so long and never got to it. He listened and that makes me feel heard, it’s so great to have people like that in my life. Here are some photos from tonight! Part one of MANY birthday celebrations coming up this weekend. Also, I attached a photo of my niece/nephew and I. This is our first picture together. Hahah my sisters belly with me and my glass of Pinot. (Yes my family thinks I’m weird for taking this picture but I’ve been the weird one for so long lol) xx






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