A very special day.


Today is a very special day for me (Disclaimer: I actually wouldn’t exist if not for this day, now that I think about it).
56 years ago on April 25,1958 God created the most beautiful human on earth. Yes, she’s annoying… Sure, she calls me way to often throughout the day to tell me random nothings.. And I won’t deny that there are days where I would rather hide under a bed then listen to her complain about how “messy” the house is (her idea of messy is a shirt on a bed and not in a closest). Still, she is and always will be the best mom and friend I could have ever asked for . She has and always will be the person who holds the most space in my heart… I have a soft spot her and that’s because she has always kept me close. For 26 years, she has shown me love and nurtured me in a way that can never be put into words. She has accepted all of me and loved me, so my love for her in return multiplies by ten million. I don’t just say this because she’s my mom; anyone who has met her literally loves her. She’s sweet and kind and wears her heart on her sleeve. If ever one day I am blessed enough to be a mother, I wish to be 1/10 of the person that she is. I am so honoured to be wishing my mom a very special birthday !!! Love you to the moon and back Yimmy (that’s Assyrian for Mommy) xx



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