The Only Thing You SHOULD Be Doing in Your Twenties


First for Everything

The Only Thing You SHOULD Be Doing in Your Twenties

I’ve read a thousand of these same articles and posts that have been circulating Facebook as of late: “20 Things You Need to Do Before You Turn 30“, “News Years Resolutions You SHOULD Be Making For 2014“, “Top 10 Things You Should Accomplish in Your Twenties“, “20 Things To Let Go of Before the New Year“, “What You SHOULD Be Doing Instead of Getting Engaged in Your Twenties“, blah blah BLAH.

While I may agree with some of them more than others, I more so believe that people should stop looking at lists and trying to fit the molds of other people’s standards and bullshit articles. Sure, some of them are somewhat entertaining and can also be “inspiring” but these writers, who have no idea who you are and where you’ve been, can in no way decide what you “

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