“Look UP” A Must Watch

A friend of mine sent me this today and I was blown away at how true it was. I mean, it is quite contradicting to tell you to watch a video on your laptop/phone/ipad that asks you to put those things away while you’re reading it on my blog (another form of social media) but it is most certainly a must watch! beautifully worded and very relatable…enjoy xx

10 thoughts on ““Look UP” A Must Watch

  1. I couldn’t “look up” from this video, until it was done. Now I must shoot, my computer with gun.

  2. This is beautiful. A true use of social media to reach people in the only way we can before it’s too late. Beautifully told story, wonderful use of spoken poetry, and the accent was the cherry on top.

    • Agreed! He told it exactly how it is. I actually stopped participating in group chat “hang outs” with my friends. We need to see what’s around us instead of using our phones so often (as I’m typing this on my phone haha)

      • the world is a beautiful place and I think it’s wonderful to be able to share it using this technology, but the world has taken it too far. I know so many people that never look up from their phones, and they’re constantly on Facebook even though they don’t know half of their “friends.” Technology shouldn’t be completely forgotten because it can connect people from far across the globe, but it shouldn’t be more important than the relationships it helps to create.

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