MET GALA 2014.

So obviously tonight is the kind of night that I sit on my phone and lurk every hashtag on Instagram regarding the Met Gala that’s thrown tonight in NYC. For those who are unfamiliar (as I was up until 5 minutes ago when I googled it) The Met Gala is an annual fundraising gala for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. (??) Anyway, the point is we get to see all of our favourite and not so favourite celebrities who we love, hate, pretend to love, and love to hate. I’m going to jump the gun before seeing all the gowns and tell you my favourite and least favourite looks of the night. I mean, all the really important people are already there and JLO is a no show so at this point, nobody else really matters. So let me pretend for a moment (or two) that my opinion matters ….

My top three solo looks for the evening are Leighton Meester, Nicole Richie and Selena Gomez. They have very different looks, yet they all look very elegant.


It wasn’t very hard picking my favourite couples of the evening. There will be three but let’s start with the no brainers. Obviously, Mr. & Mrs. Carter take the crown. Queen B (Beyonce, Bey, Yonce, Sasha, God) never ever disappoints and her Ugly Hot husband Jay Z always dresses to impress. I mean, they don’t even need to try… They woke up like that?


The drop dead gorgeous Blake Lively stands with pure class and elegance alongside her very handsome husband Ryan Reynolds. Blake aka Serena will forever be the hottest girl my age and Ryan will always be known as the guy who scores the hottest leading ladies (I mean, his ex ScarJo was named Esquires sexiest female of 2013) but whatever, that’s besides the point. These two nailed it!


And last, but certainly not least, the adorable Emma Stone and her boyfriend/Co star Andrew Garfield looking as cute as ever. Emma’s look wasn’t so much “Met Gala” (I talk like I know the standards) but she looked so beautiful and something about her just makes me feel like she’s always in such a good place which brings me to such a good place? These two remind me of dorks for some reason but they compliment and like eachother… And I like them.


The worst dressed of the night came as a complete shock to me. I knew all three ladies would stand out but not for the reasons that they did. Lupita Nyong’o, Katie Holmes and Sarah Jessica Parker really let me (and all of us, I think?) Down. It looks like Katie Holmes was going for a modern day Belle look (Beauty and the Beast) and failed miserably. I’m not sure what the other two were doing but either way it sucked and I want them to deliver what they usually do in 2015.


I guess I should comment on a few people. I would much rather snub Rihanna than praise her but I’ll put my personal feelings aside (we know what you did with Jay.. How could you?) And admit that she looked very beautiful. I could have gone without her hair but her body and outfit was so perfect for her. KimYe was underwhelming, I really think they could have done better and the same goes for David and Victoria. I always think that Rachel McAdams will finally stop going for the safe bet look and I always am let down. I wish she knew how glamorous she could be 😦




I forgot to mention Kate Upton because I literally can’t stand thinking about her for longer than 3 seconds. For some reason, she irks me. Her outfit tonight was soooo bad and I am yet to figure out how the world considers her to be … Well.. “Kate Upton” you know? .. Whatever, whatever… I’ll get over it. But no Kate, not this time… Not ever.


Anyway, I’m done pretending to be a magazine publisher and I’m off to bed to dream of hanging with Bey and Jay. I know I didn’t mention a lot of people (Rita Ora, Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift.. they were all so MEH to me) I hope you weren’t too annoyed with my fake red carpet coverage ….. But seriously, where was Jlo?!

PS. Happy Cinco De Mayo !


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