Laziness strikes again.

I wanted to so badly believe that I’d have it in me to write about my weekend but I’m so tired and my mind is in the first stages of sleeping already lol. I’ll quickly explain, because for some reason I have made myself believe people care hahaha Friday was a nothing night, took it easy… Went for a walk and that was it for me. Yesterday my friend Christine


Celebrated her 25th birthday


And as always, she was a great host. There was no shortage of food and alcohol



I however still am on my strict “diet” and made myself a plate like this


Today I suffered from the worst hangover ever known to man (not sure why I still do this to myself) and ended up being lazy as per usual. Jules and I spent our day tanning. I made her some pasta with shrimp



And I had a mini bbq for myself with chicken skewers which consisted of onion, mushroom and red pepper. I just realized today that I am the worst at trying to bbq. My food was so burnt but I pretended to love it. My ego wouldn’t let me state otherwise… I did however skip on taking an after photo because I’m actually not even sure you could see past the burntness (I made this word up I think?) When I speak of it out loud though, I call it “charbroiled to perfection”… So like, whatever. Here’s a before incase you’re wondering (you’re not though, are you? Lol)


Anyway, the night concluded with Jules and I going for an hour long walk (which we are actually proud of) and I spent the rest of my evening swinging on my hammock while my neighbour conveniently was playing the saxophone. (It sounds like I made that up but it actually happened lol) I’d like to note that he did infact not play well but practice makes perfect and a perfect ending to my evening it was. This ended up being longer than I thought it would be. I’d like to say that this is my weekend picture book. Off to bed I go, have a blessed night. xx

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