I’ve been busier than usual as of late and have neglected to write anything besides post pics of quotes that I love or have found. I wanted to quickly give a couple recommendations to people in the Toronto area for restaurants. Usually, I find myself going to the bigger or more popular names but this past weekend I have come across two amazing places that I just have to share. I tried Fresh on Spadina, which is a vegan restaurant. At first, I was hesitant because I love my meat but after having one glance at the menu, I knew I not only would find something but I’d also love it. We ordered a quinoa onion ring to start and I got a Buddha bowl which consisted of a lot of vegetables and basmati rice. I can’t even express how amazing it all tasted. The portions were huge, I literally had to take more than half home and everything tastes just as the name of the restaurant, fresh. The second place I went to was called The Federal, which was the cutest little spot I’ve been to in Toronto. The food was good (even though I got breakfast and I’m not huge on it) but what I loved even more than that was the feel of the place. The area was super hispter but it felt both chic and quiet and I totally pictured this little joint in a cute neighbourhood in LA. If you’re ever in Toronto and want to try something that isn’t recommended as a “must do” but will be equally satisfied, these two spots will not be a disappointment. xx 
Here are some photos!






And here are some from The Federal.







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  1. Good to know. I’ll be visiting Toronto very soon, and am always looking for new places to eat.

  2. I don’t remember that we’ve talked before so I came to say thank you for reading my blog I believe you stopped at haiku number 14. Being older you’re a wonderful affirmation of my days in the 60s when I said the same thing, about I’m not going to die without having gone and done it, so I went and I did and I don’t regret it. I live just below the Canadian border in Vermont and it will never hurt me to have the name of two good restaurants in Toronto, have fun and keep sending news.


    • Thank you for the comment Alexander. Sounds like you had really fun times, no regrets ! The restaurants I mentioned are wonderful, I promise but if you ever come by I am more than happy to recommend more places… Can’t wait to read some of your posts !

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