Baby Shower Excitement.

Ahh! I haven’t had much time to
write about my sister’s baby shower this weekend and I’ve been planning it for the last couple of months. I have a little time to spare so I wanted to share with you my theme and some of the things I have made! I thought that it would be best to have a theme for the shower to get things started and for anyone who knows me (OCD with everything) my little theme took over the whole event haha my theme for the shower is a tea party! As I sat down for high tea in London, England I knew right then and there that I wanted to make the shower a tea party. I will share the invites with you, the DYI favours and hats that I have made and on Sunday I will post pictures from the whole day! Right now it’s calling for showers BUT fingers crossed that Mother Nature will be on my side and it’ll be the garden tea party I’ve been hoping for all along (could really go without those big white tents and thunderstorms)
These are the invites I had made… Obsessed with them.



These are the cupcakes and cake I have ordered ! All in sage green and ivory (since we don’t know the gender) Thanks Pintrest!



Here are the DYI favours I made. I found reasonably priced tea cups and saucers and had personalized tea bags made (that match the ones on the invites). I added a cute tea spoon and used some tool to tie the whole look together. I love it! I hope everyone who receives one loves it too!





I made and bought some tea party hats for the people who neglect to bring one with them (even though I kindly requested it on the invite) haha





We are doing three tier treys for each table with scones, macaroons and tea biscuits just like this … These are how they look before we are done putting them together and how I plan for them to look once they are done!





A sneak peak of the prizes




I’ve shown too much ! Haha Only a few more days! It’ll look much better once it’s all together. I’m so stoked and I can’t wait to share πŸ™‚ xx

6 thoughts on “Baby Shower Excitement.

  1. This is such a grand idea! I love the whole thing! Good job on the favors also. They are so cute! I can’t wait to see what it all looks like once you’ll have it all together! πŸ™‚

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