Father’s Day.


Last night my family and I got together to celebrate our very amazing fathers. As always, we had a ton of food and a lot of people gather to share it all! I’m not just saying this, I really do have the best dad. I mean, I inherited (?) his bad (ish) temper (lucky me, right?) but, I also was both blessed and lucky to have learned a lot from him. He taught me that sharing is caring (no, to a point where I am convinced I’ll choke on anything I’m eating if I don’t share it with others). He showed me wrong from right (even though I don’t always follow this rule of thumb in life… Sadly). He allowed me to grow and learn at my own pace (Lord knows I’m still getting there). And he has never made me feel less of a person for sometimes being behind in some aspects in my life. He provided me with all the things that I ever dreamt of and did anything in his power to do so. He showed me the world, from the time that I entered it until this present day… From the Middle East to Greece to Canada and the US to Europe and almost everywhere in between. He has and always will try to convince me that I’m the most beautiful girl in the world (paaaaleaase dad, let’s not) and even when I tested him, pushed him away and threatened to run away with a tattood older drug dealer man (yes folks, I’ve stooped that low in the past to annoy him) he was always there reminding me that he not only wasn’t going to “leave me alone” but be in the way of any trouble that I tried to get myself into. Not only is he an amazing father but he is a caring and loving husband. He has given me everything but most importantly it is about how he has always made me feel and he’s the best at it… For all of those reasons, I am forever grateful. It shouldn’t and isn’t just one day that we tell our fathers how much we love them but I hope that yesterday in particular, everyone had a successful day treating their fathers like the true gems that they are. xx





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