Is this real life ?


Rumour has it that my favourite tv show of all time, Saved By The Bell (okay, I lied… Tied with Full House) is coming out with a movie and I can’t think straight. Can not. Happy tears. Anyway, since I watched it religiously (and still do watch when it’s on) I figured I’d share who I would pick to play the roles of my favourite high schoolers.

My pick for Kelly Kapowski formerly played by Tiffani Thiessen would be Canada’s very own beautiful Jessica Lowndes.


My preference for Zack Morris who was played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar would be Liam Hemsworth (yum, bye Miley).


My choice for A.C Slater played by the now very popular Mario Lopez would be “Twilights” very handsome Taylor Lautner (they’re practically twins, no?).


For Jessie Spano once played by the “Dancing With The Stars” mommy Elizabeth Berkley, my choice would be “Pretty Little Liars” cool and trendy Ashley Benson.


As Lisa Turtle who was played by Lark Voorhies I could see the most beautiful Karrueche Tran (yes, Chris Browns girlfriend) play the role. They’re both so flawless.


For “Screech” played by Dustin Diamond I would pick Jonah Hill hahaha only because he’s a goof. A goof I love !


And last but certainly not least, for Mr. Belding once played by Dennish Haskins I would go with the man that makes my heart smile, Jimmy Kimmel.


Hahaha, I’m aware that some of these choices are complete randoms but this is a cast that I’d personally love to see together. A girl can dream, no? I’d love to hear your thoughts/choices. xx

5 thoughts on “Is this real life ?

  1. Hahahaha i dont know some of the actors but you freaking nailed it with Screech and Belding. I would pick Kit Harington just because I’m obsessed with him right now. Aaahahahahahaha “a girl can dream, no?” This post made my day<3

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