West Coast – Lana

The one and only song I genuinely enjoy on Lana’s new cd. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I love the west coast or maybe because all of her new other songs sound like a mash-up of her old stuff that are steady about being a mistress and a coke addict lol. She truly outdid herself and wrote a whole cd full of dysfunction and while I love “depressing” music as much as the next girl… this was over the top, even for me. There is nothing glamourous about being in a physically abusive relationship and to compare it to feeling like a kiss? Oh please… I don’t know if it’s a remake of a song but I simply did not and could not relate. She also sings about “fucking” her way to the top… wait, what? She freaked out when there was speculations that her dad paid some big time people but she’ll sing about sleeping with everyone to be where she is? I don’t really understand the hype with girls these days trying to look like drug addicts or the appeal with being the “other woman” because it is not a good look. She’s definitely overplaying the LA girl image, get new material Lana. Anyway, thought I’d share this while I look deeper into “Ultraviolence” because I want to understand what Lana Del Rey is trying to understand… enjoy! xx

One thought on “West Coast – Lana

  1. I feel that sometimes as humans we tend to push being open, objective and real over the edge and forget that in the end it all boils down to what and who we are becoming…that is the real deal…after all said and done, who we are we becoming, what are we becoming? How is this thing or experience changing us…how is it affecting the world around us…yes be real…so what happens next?

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