Nobu TriBeCa.


Last night Julia and I were craving sushi and went to one of our favourite restaurants called Nobu. Once we got there, we realized that Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashians “baby daddy” was sitting a few tables down from us. If anyone knows us, we are literally obsessed with this dude. He’s mean but funny and hot in a goofy (ish?) type of way. We couldn’t quite figure out how to approach the situation/keep ourselves together (totally star struck by a reality tv star, how sad) and after texting a few friends asking what we should do, we decided to send his table a round of whatever they were drinking. When the table got their drinks, a slight cheers acknowledgement was sent our way and even though to him it was nothing… to us, it was everything hahaha. Just as Julia was building up the courage to go ask for a photo, we watched some big security man who took his job all way to seriously walk over and tell girls who clearly were as excited as us that they couldn’t ask for a photo… So, that was that… Better them than us, am I right? I mean, we totally spent unnecessary money and he was more likely annoyed thank grateful but we felt good about our decision. Anyway, as always…The food at Nobu was nothing short of perfection. I have to admit though, the mid town location does have a better feel. The food wasn’t prepared as good as it usually has been in the past but we weren’t complaining. If you’re ever in New York and you’re craving some real Japanese cuisine with a modern twist, I would definitely recommend trying it out. The whole menu is insane but there are a few must try picks which would be the yellowtail sashimi with jalapeño and the black miso cod. You literally could not go wrong !


This is the yellowtail sashimi with jalapeño



The black miso cod


Like I said, all the dishes are amazing but I would recommend the rock shrimp if you like a little spice. The crispy rice with tuna is on a level of it’s own too.



Sashimi and sushi roll, really delicious but I’ve has better at other restaurants. No complaints though 🙂



Hope you’re having a fun week! xx

3 thoughts on “Nobu TriBeCa.

    • Haha he’s dating one of the kardashian sisters who are famous for…. Being famous? I don’t even know lol but he’s sooo hot

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