1000 + :)


I got a notification today that I have over 1000 followers and I won’t lie, I’m kind of excited about it! I mean, I only started my blog a few months ago and Lord knows I’ve been busier than usual lately which has prevented me from getting my mind on paper (or in this case, typing it on my laptop lol). It’s nice to have people with the same interests as me! It’s always cool to relate to someone else. Anyway, I look forward to reading everyone’s blogs (as I treat them like my morning news paper lol) and write more about this messy and weird adventure that I call my everyday! I think it’s so cheesy when people get excited about followers but I just can’t help but enjoy this one hahaha thanks guys!!!! xx

14 thoughts on “1000 + :)

  1. Ahh well done, very well deserved blogs are my morning paper too, I’m just starting to comment, engage and like more. I look forward to the day I hopefully get to 1000 a very long way yet though 🙂 xoxo

    • Thank you 🙂 I’m not really sure if 1000 is a lot or not but I was very excited haha good luck, I look forward to reading your posts !!! xx

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