Bon Appetite: Zucchini Pasta

Today I decided to try the new zucchini pasta craze that’s been hitting instagram for the last two weeks lol I’m not one for step by step recipes so I added what I wanted as I went. The rule is simple, no noodles and lots of veggies. I mean, isn’t that just a stir fry? (Yeah, it totally is) but I needed to say I’ve made/tried it and I succeeded.

First I thought about what I’d like in it and since my friend does not eat meat, I figured I’d go with a seafood option. Shrimp it is! I gathered the main ingredients such as tomatoes, garlic, onions, tomato paste, red wine, salt and pepper, some Italian spices, bean sprouts (for an extra crunch) and obviously the zucchini.

I had Julia shred the zucchini


Then I cut up my ingredients and threw them in a pan with some boiling water.


I then dethawed my shrimp (yes, frozen… I was too lazy to get the fresh stuff) and tossed them into the pan



As I was waiting for my sauce to cook, I took my zucchini (that was being drained for 20 minutes with salt) and added it to a boiling pot for two minutes.


I drained the zucchini and put it on the plate then topped it with the random sauce I made based strictly on my taste buds. I skipped on the cheese and added some chilli flakes and pepper instead! Not even a dash of oil was used and even though the pasta noodles were visibly missing, it tasted so good… I hardly noticed it was zucchini in place of the good old carbs. A success it was…



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