5:13 am.

Just woke up from my sleep with worlds worst hangover. I hate how bad I get them now. If your wondering what I was doing drinking on a random Sunday lol Bruno Mars was in town and my sisters in laws were so kind to give me 4 tickets so the girls and I decided to drink a little before the game. Then of course a little at the game. As we know it, little +little = a lot… especially at the rate we go at. It really makes me miss the days when I was 23 and could drink everyday, all day and not feel a thing. Anyway, I’ve seen Bruno Mars once before in the Bahamas so I knew what to expect but for anyone who doesn’t know, he puts on such an amazing show! All of his songs are hits so it’s fun to sing along and the fact that he actually has an amazing singing voice really adds to the excitement (as if artists aren’t expected to sing live lol). What I especially love about him is that his backup singers and dancers are people he grew up with and his best friends so the chemistry between them all is real and enjoyable to watch. Anyway, here are some photos… I don’t have many because I tend to record more videos at concerts and end up with not many pictures lol. I guess I should drink some water and try to get a couple of hours of sleep. xx





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