I hate myself for this…



It actually upsets me that my guilty pleasure is Kim Kardashian. I’m not one of those people who dislike the whole family, but Kim has the worst personality of all time. It’s a damn shame that I am so obsessed with her beauty!!! I can openly admit when someone is beyond beautiful even if I dislike them. Shall we take a moment to respectfully recognize how beautiful she is (plastic and all). Today I’m dying my hair and decided to lurk pictures of Kim’s hair for some hairspiration and all that did was make it much more difficult for me. Not that her hair would look like that on me… But a girl can dream! 🙊 xx

6 thoughts on “I hate myself for this…

  1. I have never seen her on TV but she is always in the papers and whilst I am no goddess myself, I have to say I truly dislike her poker face which always wears the same expression and whilst I salute women with curves, I am also fed up with her ample bum selfies…. whew, sorry about that! I am sure you must look lovelier 🙂

    • Haha she’s over the top for sure!! But she’s reallt beautiful. Thank you ! I definitely don’t look lovelier though haha she’s so beautiful !!

  2. Hey girl, don’t go hating on yourself! =-P

    I think it’s nice that you are able to appreciate Kim’s beauty, regardless of her current personality (or at least the side to her that we see in the media).

    I do think it’s important to remember that when we act unkind, shallow, or act in any other sort of negative fashion, it’s due to issues going on within us. When we are filled with joy inside, we naturally are kind and loving to others. Therefore, when we’re not kind and loving ot others, we have some sort of inner turmoil going on.

    Hopefully Kim figures out what’s eating her so she can overcome it and shine her inner beauty on the world, not just her outer beauty!

    Oh, and good luck with your hair!

    Robyn ❤

    • Haha thanks girl but i think my title was exaggerated. I just meant I hate myself for loving kim hahaha I too hope if she is going through something, she will overcome. Wise words 🙏

  3. You should hate yourself but alas that’s the beauty of guilty pleasures: it doesn’t matter cause that’s why it’s a guilty pleasure.

    Roll with it.

    There is a natural beauty in every woman. A new hair color is a fun endeavor. But your beauty is in the gleam of your eye or a quirky smile or laugh…whatever it is it isn’t captured on film rather it is experienced in person.

    For all the fuss the media makes over her, what truly makes her beautiful none of us is likely privy to. Certainly not I for I’ve never met her.

    And in that regard there’s no saying she’s any more beautiful than any other woman in the world.

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