Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.

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Hey guys, I have been nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award by two very awesome blogggers… Mariam Thompson over at and Kate&James at The Candid Spot is a unique blog to help with all your relationship advice/needs. Mariam talks from years of personal and professional experiences about love, sex, dating and relationships. Monkey&Palm Tree is a very relatable blog that is full of wonderful photos and beautiful writing about everyday experiences and interests. Kate&James’ personalities shine through their writing! Thank you so much to both accounts!

As part of the rules, I have to answer the questions they have sent me and nominate another blog(s) and send them some questions. Since I was nominated two times, I have double the questions to answer.

First is first,

I would like to nominate my favourite blog: A City Girls muse at

This blog is my personal favourite. Her writing is not only incredible but her posts are relatable and I find myself constantly interested in what she has to say. If you are looking for a writer who will capture both your heart and your mind, I definitely recommend checking out Bukkie’s page. xo

These are the questions I asked but I will answer 10 out of 20 because I’m sure nobody cares for all 20 haha the bolded ones are the ones I chose. The questions I’m going to ask you are any of the below ones that were asked of me.

What is your favorite season? Winter? Spring? Summer? Fall?

Fall without a doubt. I love the fashion, the weather and the pretty nature colours.

If you chose to stay a certain age forever, which would it be?

I have been blessed with a very wonderful life but if i had to pick, I would stay 23 forever. I had the best and most exciting year ever! I had the whole year to myself to do as I wanted and was able to travel 13 separate times. For anyone who knows me, travel is my life! I got to meet some people I will never forget and most of them I still talk to now. A great year with amazing friends, what more could I want?

What songs are included in the soundtrack of your life?

What is your perfect pizza?

Thin crust with olives and hot peppers, well done.

What was the last picture you have photographed with your phone or traditional camera?

The last picture on my phone is from earlier today of my niece (obviously) and on my camera is from Paris, France of the escargot I was having for lunch.

What is your favorite word?

I have a few and they’re all unfortunate. “like” “literally” and “right?”… I need to change my vocab.

Which Avenger (Marvel’s Avengers) are you?

What is your favorite tv commercial?

If you joined the circus, what act would you perform?

What is your dream vacation?

I can’t really say; I’ve been so lucky to have been on many dream vacations. I did a couple of staycations in LA which I could never get sick of, I’ve seen the Caribbean in a way I couldn’t have ever dreamt of and traveled through Europe with complete strangers that I now call my friends. I think if I am lucky enough, my next dream vacation will be through Thailand.

What inspires you most to write?

Honestly, my day-to-day life. My feelings, my adventures and of course my family and friends. I started my blog so that I could look back on my memories for myself and I am inspired by the things that happen to me and the people around me and without a doubt from the blogs I read or the people who read mine 🙂

What it your favorite thing to do in the entire world?

If you could travel anywhere in our beautiful world, where would it be?

What is your favorite book?

What are you most proud of?

How has your blog helped you most?

I think since I have started my blog, I have realized there are so many people out there just like me. Not knowing exactly what I want for myself and until I realized I wasn’t alone, I wasn’t really okay with it. Now I am proud of my journey and look forward to reading about others who are on a similar road as me.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

What is your biggest passion?

Your favorite food?

I don’t have a favourite food but I have a favourite cuisine and its a tie between Italian or my parents Assyrian cooking… it’s all about the spices.

What is your favorite quote?

“Everything is alright in the end, if it’s not alright… it’s not the end.” I love this quote because I really agree and relate to it. I feel like everything in my life has worked itself out and if it hasn’t… it eventually will.

Thanks to anyone who took time of their day to read this! Hope you do the same with the two that nominated me and the one I nominated.

have a blessed Sunday night xx

6 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.

  1. Reading through has shown me a little more about you… 🙂 and yay we do have a few things in common…we both write about everyday life basically, drawing inspiration from almost anything, we make friends easily, and we love travel & adventure, and spicy food, especially Italian 🙂 Awesome!
    Oh and plus we love to write 🙂 … and archive our experiences so we can have something to look back on…something that tells us everything will be okay in the end 🙂 xx

    Thanks again for nominating me and I’m happy to be your muse! xx

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