DIY Halloween costume.

My friend Julia and I are going to a Halloween party tonight. Everyone we are going with is bringing their bf/gf and since the two of us are single (for the last three consecutive years hahaha) we decided to make our own costumes. We were stumped on what to do this year but thought long and hard on what we could be, we didn’t want to do something scary again (we we’re zombie bride and groom last year) so we decided on…. Travel bugs!Jules and I travel together all the time and we thought it was perfect for the two of us.

This was us last year




We weren’t quite sure how to make our costumes but we got a little creative! We purchased two black long sleeve shirts from target ($6 each) and used wings from other costumes. Threw on bug ears and purchased tutus ($15 each) and got a whole bunch of random stickers from Michael’s.
Here are the photos and I’ll post some of the costume tonight after the party !






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