Firearm safety course.

Hey guys, I’m definitely feeling a lot better today. I’m really glad I went to class and wrote my exam. I am proud to say that I got 82% on my written and 100% on my practical for my restricted license exam. I received 88% on my written and 100% on my practical for my non restricted license exam. Our whole class did well and when we doubted ourselves, we convinced each other we would be fine lol I think that really helped building confidence. Now that I am done on my end, I just have to wait for my references to be called and background to be checked (which I’m confident in) Needless to say, a very strange/scary thing happened to us on the way to take our course and I’m really surprised I was able to focus and learn when my mind was preoccupied with how frightened I felt. Anyway, thanks for all the well wishes !! I Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend πŸ™‚


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