Kostas’ Baptism.

Earlier today my friends Summer & Andreas had their gorgeous son Kostas baptized. It was such a beautiful gathering. My friend Sara was the God mother and was responsible for some of the planning. I didn’t get any photos of the parents and Kostas but here is one of Sara and her boyfriend will with Kostas.


This is the man of the hour haha he is just too cute.


This is the beautiful Greek Orthodox church that he was baptized at.


Afterwards, we all went to a local hall called Liuna Station and had a great meal. It was decorated so beautifully. I tried to take some photos without looking like the crazy photographer lol here they are





And of course, the food… Yum.






and because I’m obsessed with my niece, here is her and my older sister Sandi posing by the Christmas tree haha


And another of her with the God mother and God son


An awesome day with some really good people is just how I wanted it to be. I hope you all spent your Sunday with your loved ones! xx

3 thoughts on “Kostas’ Baptism.

  1. God bless! He is just too adorable in his baptism outfit. The Church is absolutely breath taking!!! I’m glad the event went well for all. Thanks for posting and sharing with us.

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