Brux House


So, I’ve been writing less especially about the restaurants I’ve been going to because I figured nobody cares hahaha but I just had to speak about this local gem in Hamilton, Ontario. It is called Brux House and it’s new, only 3 weeks since their opening. I was a little hesitant because I feel like Locke street is full of hipsters trying to make something cool out of nothing but I was so impressed that I had to share. Usually, portions are small with this type of setting/atmosphere but I have to say that this time, they were over the top large. I have been SO SO SO healthy (dramatically) all week so I went all out tonight.

I started with the Belgium fries with curry ketchup (not sure how I felt about it) lemon aioli and of course a side of regular ketchup to be safe. How insane is this portion?


Seeing as how it is a German cuisine I went with the pork schnitzel served with red cabbage marmalade, pretzel spaetzle, smashed turnip and mushroom gravy. It was incredible. I took half of it to go because I definitely wanted to save room for dessert.


The dessert was incredible. It was a Belgian waffle with with
Rodenbach poached plum, toasted almond & vanilla cream, brown butter ice cream. I don’t even know how I consumed most of this but I did and I’m both ashamed and impressed.


Everything about it was great, it was was really cool and the food was awesome. It’s supposed to be really good for its draft beer but I don’t do beer so I skipped out… I’m sure I would have loved my experience even more had I been a beer fan. On another note, I watched a lady tumble down the stairs which was both very sad and very funny (I’m going to hell) lol. Anyway, I’m sleepy. Spinning in the am! Hope you’re having a fun weekend šŸ™‚


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