Engagement !!!

My best friend Sara and my brother in laws brother (don’t even know what makes him to me haha) got engaged lastnight. I knew last week but obviously had to keep it a secret from her. Will did such an incredible job and I could not be happier for them! He didn’t want her to expect it so he told her they were going to spend the day shopping here in Toronto and drive up to the cottage afterwards. Once they got here he told her he got a hotel room to drop off their bags because he wanted to spend the night. At the hotel, he had a florist come in and deck the whole room out. He got down on one knee and of course she said yes! Here are some photos. What a beautiful display.




To follow, he took her to a restaurant called Lee and where he rented out the whole place. He had Su Sur Lee cook them a meal and it looked absolutely beautiful.



Sara was texting us all of these photos just loving every minute of it and had not a single clue that we were all outside of the private room waiting to surprise her! Will gathered all of their family and friends and we had an amazing time! Here are some random photos I took in between all the vodka shots I took (as you can tell by the quality of my pictures haha)















We had this beautiful cake made for the two of them and I am so happy with the turn out!!!


And of course, I must show off the ring (I act like it’s mine hahaha)


What a gorgeous night and a gorgeous couple. Can’t wait to help plan and celebrate these two who will spend the rest of their lives as soul mates and best friends! A great way to kick off the holiday season. I couldn’t be happier!!! Have a beautiful Monday!
Ps. 50 dozens roses!!



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