A healthy start….

Let’s just say my New Years resolution of trying to lose weight didn’t start on a good note hahaha but my other resolution was to finish everything I started and my dinner lastnight was no exception. We went to Carmines in the marina here at the Atlantis as it is tradition for my brother in law Petes birthday and enjoyed all the food in the world. Carmines is an Italian family style restaurant with the biggest portions and greatest menu. I tried to take a photo of everything our table got but missed a few plates and I was way too excited so it came out blurry. Anyway, it’s pretty safe to say we all gained a few hahaha here they are.









Here is my brother in law and my sister Sandi ringing in the new year/his birthday


I also took some other photos because that’s all I ever do apparently hahaha







Hope you’re having a beautiful new year 🙂

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