The Essence of Lessons


Just another quick drop in while I’m thinking out loud. I’ve been on an posting binge today lol. On my torturous way home today I thought about who I hold in the highest regard and who I show respect to because it’s easier left alone than tackled. The people in my life, I love. Not always, maybe even less than half of the time but nonetheless I love from the inside of my heart. While I was thinking about all the crazy, silly, aggressive and bitchy people I call my circle, I came to thinking about all of their different personalities and characters. Some are timid, some obnoxious and some flat out rude. They always say you are most like the 5 people you surround yourself with. So, does that make me all of those things? And how quick can I change? Lol this is all over the place but my mind’s running laps. Also, I have a few people I know for certain who don’t always say the nicest things behind my back…you know? Poke fun. Say things in a “nice way” but still trying to get the initial mean point across. I know this because they don’t say the nicest things to me behind people’s back that they’re close to. Like the good quote says, “if they do it with you, they’ve done it to you”. So how am I to change that? Do I walk away when they’re about to bash someone else? I’m trying to really change my situation here as part of my 99 day challenge haha It’s also to a point where it really will never be any different, so does one just accept it? Is the old notion that we can’t control the actions of others, only our reactions true in this case? I’m overthinking but sometimes any feedback is good feedback. What is one to do? Stuck between a rock and a hard place.

6 thoughts on “The Essence of Lessons

  1. ” It’s also to a point where it really will never be any different, so does one just accept it? ” Loyalty is given free of cost to friends, but one should also see the value of their own integrity that cannot be compromised.

  2. Id say if you dont like it do something about it. Life is too short to be hanging arun with people like this. You are the company that you keep and even if you are not like them do you want people thinking you are? I dont know you but your posts suggest you are so different to the people you are describing. Of course maybe your having an off day and random thoughts. I dont know enough about your friends. Maybe they are actually all wonderful and you cant walk away because you love them all. X

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