Lake Rosseau, Muskoka

Hey guys!
I’m currently in Lake Rosseau, Muskoka and it is so gorgeous. We came up lastnight to Balla and came over to Lake Rosseau for a nice little R&R with the girls. Here are some photos of our day.

This is the man made hot springs here at the JW Marriott.


This is the hotel and a little fire pit we got to enjoy



Here are some of the girls and I. Ignore my constant duckface. I Always do it And I don’t even know why haha




Here is my massage bed and tea just because I’m a loser and take photos of everything. Haha.



Hope you’re having a good weekend! xx

6 thoughts on “Lake Rosseau, Muskoka

  1. Well, now I know a new geographic location lol… I never heard of Lake Rosseau, Muskoka before, but looks cold, nice, and “no diving” safety is a concern… haha
    enjoy the weekend.

      • One of these days I should check out the Northern neighboring Country…. I’ve been too stubborn in my travels by always heading south! Well, also east west…. Mostly south! lol
        It’s time I make an appearance in Canada wether they like it or not… I’ll try my best to act within the accordance of acceptable Canadian behavior—–and respect both english and french language
        JK (I HOPE)
        It’s just a commonly used reference to Canada through movies and comedians (which now I’m curious)
        Well, there is gambling, alcohol, and no concern for cholesterol from the pictures posted — so lol

        • Hahahaha you will love Canada. We are friendly and welcoming. I dont speak french, the only province that really does is Quebec but who really cares hahaha if you do decide to come, always remember ontario is british columbia are the two worth seeing most!

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