Dinner up north

Tonight when we got back from the spa day the guys had made us such a gorgeous candlelight meal. They prepared steak, lobster, potatoes, spaghetti and fries. How sweet, am I right? I mean… it was mainly because one of them was my bests fiancé and the other my friends boyfriend but it’s still super cute… RIGHT?.


Afterwards we played asshole & 31 and let’s just say some of us were more competitive than others (not me)
And some of us were sore losers (again,not me)



My girlfriend and I prepared a late night very fatty snack for the guys and us of course. We deep fried (literally) chicken fingers and fries and I made honey mustard and spicy mayo for dipping sauce hahaha




it looks like it was a success



And just cause I’m typing this very intoxicated ☺️ here I am drinking my vodka water in my wine glass to look classy hahaha


Night! xx

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