Assyrian tea biscuits !

Tonight I assisted my mother with making Assyrian cookies called “cullecheh” (definitely not the spelling) haha it’s basically different little pockets filled with hazelnuts, dates, coconut, chocolate and whatever else your heart desires. I didn’t really get many photos of every step because my mom needed my full attention but these give you an idea. My mom made all the dough and cut them into the right size and I was in charge with stuffing them and wrapping them.




Once we were done with that my father brushed some battered eggs on them


We placed the cookies into the oven


I didn’t get a pretty picture of them because my mom does all the placement later hahaha but here they are tossed once they are done


This is the one I just had. It is chocolate and hazelnut and It is sooooooo delicious!


So much for my “healthier life style” hahaha I don’t like to deprive myself!
Have a nice Friday! xx

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