Always cold, you’d self-incriminate by avoiding all my questions and calling me an instigator.

Cut me down… always calling me unstable. You so easily can make me cry just cause you are in a mood and you’d say I need attention just because I put on makeup to ironically look good for you.

Cut me to pieces while you watched me disintegrate because you like to tell me how you hate all the ways I’m not enough for you.

Then you’d say “Baby don’t go… I didn’t know, I’ll change I swear. I’ll make you wait. I promise I’ll be better, all of these things they will change”

Never guilty…say it ain’t your fault because you had an emotionally abusive daddy and cause of this you don’t know how to act.

Poor, poor baby. Say you can’t help the fact that you’re so crazy and you’re so good at making me feel guilty for trying to walk away because I’m tired of being mad.

2 thoughts on “Banks.

  1. I could be wrong…. But,
    My interpretation your post
    —You are criticized and judged any time you put in a effort to look good them (they don’t realize that it is for them) ****
    —They try to emotionally and psychologically devalue your worth,
    — So they are able to play these games that you start to question yourself
    — That they now take advantage of and keep you in this game they created
    yes ? no?

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