being wrong vs doing wrong.

Never be ashamed of where you’re from or who you are, live up to YOUR potential, image isn’t everything, be yourself! People pass judgment out of their own ignorance and try to put the less fortunate down. Remember, the clothes on the mannequin does not make you the man you are. Remember there is a difference between a reason and an excuse, there is a difference from being wrong and doing wrong. Be the straw that stirs your drink. We were put in this situation for some reason, we are being looked at to fail, maybe failure isn’t a bad thing… If you gave your all and still failed, you won. That failure will make you recognize how much harder you have to work. We were not dealt a good hand of card but we know how to play a bad hand well. Do not be scared to be yourself, to chase your dream… Just because you’re not on someone elses road doesn’t mean you got lost. Never regret something you didn’t do, regret what you did do! always know…a million mile journey begins with one single step.

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