Sports illustrated.

Swimsuit Issue 2015

This woman Robyn Lawley being called a “plus size model” is whats wrong with the world today. I can’t believe it. She is not only beautiful but she is also fit. This is the type of stuff that really messes with a girls minds. Sad!

Update: Robyn Lawley was also pregnant during this shoot. This is what a “plus sized” model who’s pregnant looks like according to SI.

19 thoughts on “Sports illustrated.

    • It’s so sad! Im a grown woman and it gets to my head! Imagine children who have this image of beauty in their mind. She looks so fit… How could she be plus size. Crazy b

  1. It’s very sad. As a father I hate that my daughter has this type of thinking to fight with. They call it “plus size” because her size is a positive number…. Probably 2.

    • This is a prime example of the saying that we shouldn’t care about the number on the scale or size on our clothing. It says that this woman is a size 16. I myself am bigger than her and I’m not close to a 16. They took a beautiful fit woman and threw a number on her so that they can say they accept women of all sizes.

  2. Apparently a size 8 is plus size in the fashion world…that is so bad for our young girls to see…not to mention they probably airbrushed the crap out of the picture.

  3. I seen this too. Maybe i am mistaken but i thought the article said she was a size 10. 10 or 16…plus size…pfft! Yah. Whatever. Its sad.

      • You cannot be serious? I think the plus size modal thing backfired…I’m a size 12…I suddenly feel more like a size 16! Thanks Sports Illustrated….but I’m not sure how this is supposed to make women feel better. Plus sized models are trend right now….which is wonderful, but we still a ways to go. We should begin by calling plus-sized models healthy-weight modals. 😬

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