A sad letter.

Don’t look back on the first thing you remember of me, I was speaking my mind… It comes so easily. Think nothing of it but think something of June… painted like a picture, there’s a song for every month and a heart break to go along with each one of them. I drink too much on weekends and it’s nothing to be proud of…. I’m not someone to be admired but none the less I strive to be nothing short of your favourite. “Have I taken your breath away yet?” I’m nothing without my metaphors. I don’t have to explain myself, some things can not be justified in the eyes of an audience when your friends can be your harshest critics and in the end your biggest supporters when you call for them. In efforts to give you butterflies, I’m dying to watch you flutter away. That may not be true but I’d gladly be your addiction, if you wanted to use me I would be your conviction. I wish the noises I made could make a different sound but when the music starts to play it drowns you out. I would build you a city and fill it up with lights with the most majestic views of the landscape of summer nights. So forget that of which you can’t let go, I gave up on us but I never gave up on you. In a perfect world, neither of us would be hurt. We are weak divided but so strong in numbers. There will be no safe place at the end of the world and I’ll rememeber you through the things that I wrote. I’d tell you but it doesn’t matter anymore because we both know the only Thing you’re looking for.

Good things don’t last so don’t expect them to… I didn’t want to fall in love but I made a mess of you.


This was written by a very talented writer. She wrote it after her and her boyfriend of 5 years had broken up. It is beautiful in every way.

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