4 thoughts on “Believe in something.

  1. It can be a combination of all of them, or one maybe its one thing that that puts them all together. (confusing I know) I almost deleted that…. But, my belief is that universal laws want to balance itself- large and small, something greater is at work that attracts these things. We meet people that are able to provide you something, and sometimes don’t recognize what you provide them.
    Blah…. I’m not explaining this as well as I would like to….
    I feel that we attract to people that “fit” us and also “fit” them?

  2. This is so true! Not many people realize that everyone who cross their paths is someone uniquely special and bring us so much closer to becoming the best ‘us’ we can become. The ones mentioned in your piece are far and few in between. So we must definitely take the time to thank them while we have them with us…their presence continue to fill us with hope. Thanks for reposting! 🙂

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