Valentine’s Day love!

Last year my father was away for Valentine’s Day on a work trip so I got to spend the time with my mother. This year my mother is in the Bahamas so I get the chance to spend some time with my father haha I can’t ever repay them or thank them for all the love they have shown me but I try to be thoughtful.

Last year I made my mom a cute little breakfast


This year I made my father pizza and cookies because it’s more fitted to his taste buds hahaha


They both were so happy and loved it! I think an indication that my dad liked it is because he took 20 pictures from all angles just to post on his facebook hahaha I’ll probably be posting valentines day cheesiness all day. Be back soon 🙂 xo

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day love!

  1. now I’m hungry 😁 we don’t need one day to share or show our love for someone. It should just be a daily act. We don’t need to be reminded that’s there’s a day to show love and gratitude. 😍

    • Haha very true. I agree with that. I just like to do small gestures on Valentine’s Day to remind them how important they are to me. Every other day is a great day for that too!

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