So, anyone who actually knows me knows the obsession I form over music and music lyrics. I can fall in love with a terrible song based on just the words or the strength in the musicians voice singing it from an experience. The meaning, how it can change my whole mood. How it’s relatable and brings me back to memories or times in my life. As I’ve shared on here, I am over the top obsessed with banks. She’s a genius in every sense of the word. Anyway, as I was working away today and listening to her album (which has literally been on replay for the last questionable amount of months) I have somehow convinced myself that it is totally acceptable to have “fuck em, only we know” (pardon the French) as my wedding song hahaha it’s a little much and very dramatic but once the swear words are out, it’s kind of acceptable.

Here’s my adjusted version.

You and I just want to be next to each other every day. You and I
We’re just like magnets baby, hypnotized. Even addicted to your grumpy face. I know exactly just how many kisses fit between your eyes. I’ll run away, I’d run away with you cause this is special, baby and only we know. Did I say you’re all that matters to me anyway. I’d give up everything to see your face so come on, let’s pretend that no one else is watching while we play. by your side that’s where I have to be now, we won’t hide. I breathe your kisses just to stay alive and I see exactly what you think. I can feel you with my eyes. Only we know.

Am I crazy? Hahaha. It’s so romantic and real! I’m on a post binge, excuse me.

4 thoughts on “Hahaha

  1. I know exactly just how many kisses fit between your eyes.

    Beautiful! It reminds me of the lyrics to R.E.M – At My Most Beautiful.
    “I count your eyelashes secretly.
    with every one, whisper I love you.”

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